Charity events are designed to raise money for beneficial purposes. These benefits can take a lot of planning in order to create a very successful night. The most important parts of the auction are the auctioneers. A good auctioneer will be able to provide an entertaining evening while getting people to buy items at the highest possible prices. This formula will make for a profitable event for your charity.

Tips for Choosing Charity Auctioneers

Charity auctions are unlike other types of auctions. In addition to having qualified auctioneers, the auctioneer must also be able to provide a level of entertainment while also selling the items and driving prices up as high as possible. These traits are difficult to find in a typical auctioneer. In addition, the best charity auctioneers are those that have experience raising a lot of money at benefits.

It is helpful to discuss your specific needs with the auctioneer prior to the event so you can get some ideas for how to make the most money. Before you choose someone to run the event you can visit them while they are taking part in another auction. You can also view videos of their work and testimonials from others who have already used their services.

Making Money with a Charity Auction

The goal of a charity auction is to make as much money as possible. You will need to plan the event carefully in order to achieve success. Keep in mind that you cannot spend much per person if you want to make a profit. You must also choose your items carefully. It is best to consult with auctioneers before the event to learn some of the secrets to obtaining items that will make the most money.

You can also learn some important information about planning the charity event. There are some secrets that auctioneers can give you that will help you achieve the best possible results. A professional auctioneer has the expertise and knowledge to assist you in the planning stages so that you can be assured of a successful event.

Planning a Charity Auction

The first step in planning a charity auction is to determine the date and time so you can secure an experienced auctioneer. Meet with the auctioneer as early as possible so you have enough time to properly plan for a successful event. You will need to choose a venue as soon as possible if you don’t yet have one. You may be able to find a venue at a reduced price because the event is being held for charity.

The best charity auctions are those that are well planned and have an entertaining auctioneer. Sean Kelly is a highly skilled auctioneer with experience making millions of dollars at charity events. With a background in both sales and stand-up comedy, he has the perfect blend of marketing and entertainment skills that he utilizes to bring in as much money as possible at these types of events. To learn more about Sean Kelly and to book an event visit online at
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