California Auctioneers

California Auctioneers

Why You Need To Involve California Auctioneers In Your Auction

Being one of the most experienced California auctioneers, we always see business men shoot themselves in the leg by handling the auction of their properties themselves. Well, some of them jubilate at what they see as a successful auction. If only they knew how much they would have made had they hired experienced California auctioneers, they would be counting their loss.

If you are also planning to handle the auctioning of your properties yourself, you may need to go through some of the facts below. They are the reasons you should hire California auctioneers.

Right prices

You want to sell off your properties and you have to do it right once since there is no second chance for auctioning. You need to know the right prices of your properties. If not, you may sell some of them at prices that are way below their worth.

Do you know that not everyone who buys properties on auction really needs it? Some of them know the real value and they hope to sell it higher and make some profit. So, to prevent people like that from having their way, you need to hire an experienced auctioning company like us.

By virtue of our experience, we have an idea of the cost of a lot of properties. Besides, we usually inspect the properties to be auctioned before the day so that we can evaluate every single item before the day.

We have ready crowd

By virtue of our auctioning experience, we already have a huge client base that will be invited to any auction. This is apart from the people that you will invite. The more the crowd, the higher the bidding completion and the more the money you will make.

We help you handle emotion

The commonest reason people auction their properties is when they are going out of business. Needless to say nobody quits a business that is booming. The only reason anyone will leave a business is when the business has failed.

You may still be trapped in your emotional shell but need to do the auctioning so as to recoup some investors’ money. You can’t possibly get things right in that state of mind. Chances are good that you will undervalue most of the properties you are auctioning. This will not happen when we handle it for you.

Auctioneers will shield you from aggrieved buyers

After an auction, some buyers may be dissatisfied with what they bought. May be it isn’t in the condition they expect it be or may be it is not even operational. Such buyers will continue to call you until he gets a refund. Apart from the fact that he may be adding to your headache, he may decide to file a lawsuit against you.

Experienced auctioneers like us know how make buyers sign certain contracts that will make them accept what they have bought in whatever condition they meet it. Secondly, we are the one that any aggrieved buyer will be calling and not you.

Instead of doing separate auctioning for each of your properties, we suggest you auction them together for you to enjoy the synergic effect of the joint crowd. If you are auctioning only your printing machines, only the people that are interested in printing machines will come over.

If you are auctioning laptops, only those that need laptops will attend. But if you auction both of them together, someone can come for printing machine and change his mind to purchase a laptop if the deal is right for him. This will not happen without a combined auction.
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