Charity Auctioneers

Charity Auctioneers

Charity auctions are a great way to make money for your organization. They offer a way to gather contributors together and provide a fun evening where they can bid on items to purchase with the proceeds going towards your charity. The best events are those that use professional charity auctioneers. These auctioneers are much different than regular auctioneers that you would find at an estate sale, for example. Charity auctioneers are also entertainers and they have the ability to bring prices up on all of the items so the auction is much more successful.

Help from Professional Charity Auctioneers

Before you begin planning the event it is helpful to consult with an auctioneer. The consultation will help give you insights and information that will be helpful in creating a successful event. The auctioneer has information and secrets that can bring in lots of money for your charity. A pre-event consultation gives you details such as which items will likely sell the best and for the highest prices, how to order your items to make them the most profitable, how to procure items, strategies for selling tickets to the event and more.

Whether you are new to charity auction planning or have a few of them under your belt, you can certainly gain some knowledge from an experienced auctioneer. The sooner you get an auctioneer involved in the process the better because you can make more money for your charity. You will also learn how to get your guests into a more generous mood so they will spend more money.

Planning a Successful Charity Auction

A successful charity auction begins with detailed planning. One of the most important considerations is choosing charity auctioneers with experience in these types of events. A qualified auctioneer will bring you the results that you desire and can even give you assistance every step of the way in creating an event that makes money for your charity.

Planning the event with a qualified auctioneer will help bring in the most money for your charity. There are some things you can do when choosing the proper items and setting up the order of the items for auction that will  give you the best possible results. If you choose items based on the potential buyers you can make a lot of money in the event.

The Charity Auctioneer

Sean Kelly is The Charity Auctioneer. He has a unique blend of experience both as a successful marketer and as a stand-up comedian. It turns out that these two careers intersect perfectly to provide a charity auctioneer that makes lots of money during your event. You need the services of someone with this type of expertise to bring out the best in those who attend these events. Sean Kelly is a known and respected auctioneer having brought in millions of dollars in various events. He is available for your event and to provide you with a pre-event consultation. Visit the website at to learn more about his high quality auctioneering services.
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Charity Auctioneers Charity Auctioneers


The Charity Auctioneer