About the Charity Auctioneer

Sean Kelly is CEO and founder of SBK Enterprises of California, Inc. which is a Certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise. TheCharityAuctioneer.com is a division of SBK Enterprises of California, Inc.

After coming home from a combat tour in Operation Desert Storm, Sean embarked on a very successful sales career. He has both started and launched several successful publications, he has and still does consult for some of the largest media companies in the world. In 1998 Sean decided to take a huge departure from his Sales career to pursue a life long dream of becoming a stand up comedian. Since then he has performed in thousands of shows which include working as the opening act for comedy legends such as Dennis Miller and Bob Saget.

In 2003 a fellow comedian approached Sean and asked if he could cover a charity auction for him, he had accidentally double booked himself. “At first I had no idea what he was even asking me to do. Me an auctioneer? Are you kidding?” “No,” Sean’s friend replied. He said “no other comedian can work a crowd like you and you have more sales experience than any other person I have ever met. You can do this.” So reluctantly Sean agreed to cover his charity auction for him. Admittedly he was scared and thought the whole thing was crazy since he had never had one minute of auctioneer training.

To Sean’s surprise he was a natural at it. His friend was right. After doing thousands of comedy shows and having been on thousands of sales calls over the years, this came so natural that he was an instant hit. The organization was thrilled with the amount of money he raised that night, breaking all previous records, they immediately asked him to commit to next year’s date. Wait a minute! He was just filling in for a friend.

That’s how it all started. Since then Sean has raised millions for numerous wonderful organizations. Every time he steps on stage it gives him a great thrill to know that his 18 years of sales experience combined with his 10 years of stand up comedy experience enables him to raise tons of money for outstanding causes. Sean considers it the highest honor and a pleasure to be known as The Charity Auctioneer.


The Charity Auctioneer