Questions for Sean

Here are 7 very important questions you should ask me during our free telephone consultation

1 What is YOUR MAGIC FORMULA for raising record amounts of money?

2 What is the single most important thing I need to do to raise record amounts of money?

3 How do I avoid 3 of the BIGGEST MISTAKES made at most fundraisers?

4 What are the 3 INVESTMENTS every successful fundraiser must make?

5 What exactly is the “MONEY WINDOW” and why does it make or break every fundraising event?

6 What are the 7 ROAD BLOCKS to raising record amounts of money and how can I remove them?

7 How I can I hire you with ZERO RISK to our organization? Do you offer any guarantees?

Here are 12 fun questions to ask me

1 Have I seen you on TV?

2 How did you sell a dinner party for $55,000?

3 How did you sell a “mom’s trip” for $440,000?

4 How did you take a school which typically raises only $35K and increase that amount to over $600K?

5 How did you host a first-time event with a goal of raising $50k and actually raise $500K?

6 How do you go from having a Top Secret Clearance working for Military Intelligence, to becoming a hugely successful fundraising auctioneer?

7 Did you really do a 92 city stand up comedy tour across the UK in 2017?

8 Did you really raise a million dollars by auctioning Project Runway TV show dresses in under an hour at the Louvre Museum in Paris?

9 Did you drive a Russian tank through the streets of London?

10 Were you the opening act for Dennis Miller, Bob Saget, Julio Iglesias, George Lopez and Weird Al?

11 Why do you speak fluent German?

12 Have you really traveled to over 80 countries, and do you have a TV show that airs in 138 countries?


The Charity Auctioneer